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InstaSite is a product offered through our partners, available for purchase upon acquiring a domain name on our website.


You don't have a website or e-commerce ready to associate with the newly purchased domain name. By typing the domain name in the browser's address bar, users would see a blank page or a free page offered by the Registrar, often full of irrelevant advertising for you and your business.

What to do to still provide your visitors with relevant information about your business avoiding 'under construction' web 1.0 pages, blank pages or, even worse, Registrars adv?


To avoid these scenarios, brands and site owners set up a landing page or a small multi-page site that provides information about the company and a contact form. But if you don't already have developers or a reference web agency, this step can also take time and incur a cost, which you intend to minimize as they are temporary pages to be replaced as soon as the website is ready.

To fully support users and entrepreneurs who are purchasing a domain name for the first time or who want to immediately use the newly acquired domain, we offer the InstaSite service, the fastest and most economical way to immediately publish the initial information about your company or project online.


When purchasing InstaSite along with a domain name listed on our site, all you need to do is provide us with the text and photos you want to publish on the landing page. Upon receiving the content and images you wish to publish, we will create the landing page within 48 hours for you to upload to your hosting space. If you are unsure how to do this or do not have hosting space yet, we can host the landing page for free on our servers for up to 6 months. (Once you have purchased the domain name, you have full control and can configure it at any time. For example, you can point it to a new hosting with one click when your full website is ready).

The InstaSite service is not available for landing pages containing images or text related to gambling, pornography, illegal, discriminatory, or violent content. If your project falls into any of these categories, you can still purchase the domain name, but not the InstaSite service.


InstaSite is free for domains valued at $1000 and above. For domains valued below $1000, the cost of the InstaSite service is $50 for a single landing page, $100 for a 4 pages mini static website. (InstaSite is a service exclusively for those who purchase a domain name through a link published on this site or provided by one of our support agents).

How to Buy

For each domain purchased through our website or marketplace by clicking the 'buy now' buttons or directly from the seller using the "contact the seller" link we provide, you have the option to buy the InstaSite service (complimentary for domains valued at over $1000) within seven days of the domain transfer to your account.

To get the most out of it, reach out to us the soonest or even before buying the domain name so that you can be online with your new domain name and customized page as soon as possible (typically within one business day)

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