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The Best Domain Name Registrars in 2023

A Review by Forbes, NamePros, and NamingPilot

The year 2023 has witnessed a significant surge in the domain name registrar industry, with more and more businesses seeking advanced services to easily register and manage their web addresses. Two authoritative sources, Forbes and NamePros, have compiled their rankings of the best domain name registrars, highlighting various qualities and strengths. Noteworthy is the rise of Spaceship (a Namecheap brand), which, within a year of its launch, has gained the trust of industry experts, professionals, and investors managing portfolios of hundreds or even thousands of domains.

Let's analyze the results to provide a comprehensive overview of the most appreciated registrars.

Forbes: The Top Five Registrars of 2023

Forbes' ranking takes into account both packages and hosting services.

NamePros: The Experts' Ranking

The perspective of the NamePros community of domain name investors and professionals differs from Forbes. Users here have tried almost all platforms and vote for the one offering the best balance of user-friendliness, pricing, and functionality, with a focus exclusively on domain name registration, maintenance, and configuration.

Our Ranking

Our ranking considers tools available to customers registering a free account on the most popular registrars, the convenience and frequency of promotions, renewal prices, UI and overall platform performance, DNS configuration and propagation times, steps required to configure a domain name, and the speed and ease of product configuration (especially in configuring and managing domain names)

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